Essential information and important guidelines


On arrival group/party leaders must:

  • Read the Fire Regulation notices
  • Check the location of the fire extinguishers and fire exits
  • Familiarize themselves with the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses
  • Practise a fire drill
  • Please complete the sleeping list and place in the pocket by the back door each night.
  • The external fire escape in the bathroom is for Emergency use only
  • The centre has a strict NO SMOKING policy
  • The use of candles is also strictly prohibited


Darsham Country Centre is run by volunteers for your enjoyment – please help us to keep it in good condition.

  • You must leave the Centre as you find it, by referring to the cleaning checklist and the set of laminated cleaning cards.
  • Groups are liable for any damage/breakages
  • A thorough check is made before and after each Rx Drug Store, Pharmacy By Mail soft viagra Usa Drug Store, cheap female viagra online Prescription Drug Store booking. Please report anything that you find broken or damaged straight away and inform the Centre Manager of any damage/breakages that you are responsible for at the end of your stay. Charges will be made for damage, breakages and any excess cleaning will be calculated at the prevailing commercial rates.
  • Furniture and beds should be treated with respect and must not be moved around without permission of the Centre Manager.
  • Food/drinks and outside footwear must not be taken upstairs


  • Please check that children use the shower curtain and do not leave taps running.


  • Please follow the waste disposal and recycling notices displayed in the kitchen.


  • Internet access is provided free but should not be used for heavy downloading of files. There is no TV licence for the Centre, so live TV is not permitted.


  • There is a piano in the sitting room. Please treat it kindly.


  • Group leaders should make everyone aware of the main road and the railway line and advise them to take extra care when crossing or walking beside them.
  • No child or vulnerable person should leave the Centre unaccompanied.
  • All upstairs windows have safety locks, please ensure that these are not tampered with as it is not permitted to climb on to the roofs.